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Future Projects in Progress

1.  HELGA!  An amazing true story of the events that unfolded to one determined mother and her three small children during the end of WWII. They encounter and overcome many dangerous obstacles to find their way out of Czechoslovakia and back to Germany.

2.  Suspense mystery to be titled later that involves evil, religion and the lust for power and control of the world!

3.  A love story based on the burning desire of a couple that seeks to ultimately find true happiness together. The passion they have for each other is the driving force that enables them to work through the many years of conflict and struggles to live out their lives as one, or so he thought. 

She sat on the bar stool next to him and leaned over her expensive granite counter top nervously taking small sips of her favorite Chilean Cabernet Savignon. It was one of Chiles best and it could only be the best of course and nothing but the best ... of everything for her. She continued her small dainty sips and suddenly took a long drink, like she was drinking a shot of tequila, calmly placed her glass down on the granite, swallowed and quickly turned her body on the barstool. She squared her shoulders, faced him and leaned within just a few inches from his face. He could feel her warm breath. She grasped onto the stool with one hand to avoid falling. She flipped her beautiful long strawberry blond hair over her shoulder with the other. Her head tilted downward, her eyes rolled upward into the back of her head as if she was possessed by an evil demon. Her voice was low and she grumbled, "Look you don't make enough money for me and if I married you, I would regret it every day for the rest of my life!"

He looked at her with astonishment and confusion. Was this the woman that loved him so deeply, the woman that wanted to bear his children?  Would she actually say something so shallow? "It couldn't have been her ... maybe she was tired or she drank too much." He made silent excuses for her behavior but he was wrong so very, very wrong.

It was just a few days earlier they were talking about family, children and went as far as house shopping. They had found a gorgeous home that was perfect and wanted to settle down. He hesitated about the price, 1.8 million dollars, looked at her and said in a low and soft tone, "Honey, you know I don't have that kind of money to purchase this home right now." Without hesitation s
he grabbed his broad shoulders, looked into his eyes with the facial expression of a woman in love, she had found her man and said confidently, "You don't have to have that kind of money because you have this..." she pointed to his heart and tightly embraced him as they had so many times before...... 

Copyright © 2010 John R. Gouin