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17 October 2011 

Sir, I read your book. The universal hope of every son is to have his father be proud of them. I read it without putting it down and ended with a lump in my throat thinking of my father. I hope it does not violate the chain of command to give the author feedback, I will really salute you next time I see you.

Respectfully, (one of your soldiers)

LTC Hunter Hammill


I received this heart warming fax today from a 13 year girl. I signed a copy of my book for her at Barnes and Noble last Saturday. She finished the book and wrote this letter to me. Her Mother faxed it to me this morning.  An amazing 13 year girl who wants to make something of her life.  I am proud to say that my book is having a positive impact, especially our youth.  Thank you Savana...

(Printed and copied with permission of her mother, Irma Saenz, R.N.)
The follwoing e-mail was sent to me from a friend I grew up with in our neighborhood. Another amazing story.

John, my mother finely suffered enough and kicked my dad out and he moved to Calf. I got shot at point blank range with a 16 gauge shotgun. It made a hole about the size of a half dollar then spread throughout my lower abdomen (I still have most of the pellets in my lower abdomen) I received the last rights and the Doctors prepared my family for my eminent death. I still remember the last rights except all I saw was a bright light and a halo where the priest 's head was. My grandmother put a metal of Saint Christopher around my neck and told me he would look over me. My father never came to visit me, he sent me a watch instead, (I cherished that watched for years) he never even called, that was it. I don't remember my father ever telling me that he loved me. I guess all the sadness and craziness he passed on to me stayed with me all these years. Unlike your father he never redeemed himself. After reading your book I realize that all we can ask for in this short life is redemption. My father was killed by a car when he was crossing the street after he left a bar. And never got the chance to redeem himself. So I need to forgive him to move on. I think his problems may have stemmed from the sad fact that lost two brothers in WWII, I know that bothered him immensely, he was in the Navy during the war and was stationed in Alaska and fought the Japanese at Attu. He served in the National Guard until the 60's. He would get drunk almost every night and fall asleep and scream in his sleep. My mother never divorced him because in those days you just didn't do that. My mom said that he was never the same after losing his brothers.

Your book has taught me how important it is to forgive and forget it's really necessary in order to move on.

Thanks again Doctor John.